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6th Edition of Regional Construction Standards Released

6th Edition of Regional Construction Standards Released

Hampton Roads communities have developed uniform standards to simplify construction and improve the quality of roads and utilities built in our area. The Hampton Roads Regional Construction Standards are intended to provide uniform quality of construction throughout the region by simplifying and standardizing construction practices, reducing construction costs and improving safety in the public right-of-way.

The Regional Standards were developed with the support of the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC) and represent a collaborative effort of the 17 cities, counties and towns that make up the HRPDC, along with the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) and the Hampton Roads Utility and Heavy Contractors Association (HRUHCA). The Standards provide a single document for all 17 localities to use during the design and construction of roads (not Interstate roadways), potable water systems, sanitary sewer and storm sewer systems.

The process first began when a committee of municipal engineers from across the region representing Public Works and Public Utilities Departments formed to study the possibility of developing a standard document.  In 1998, the program began to move at a much faster pace when City Managers, County Administrators and the Contracting Community in the region agreed to embrace the concept. Input on the development of the Standards has been gathered from many vested interests including the localities' Attorneys and Purchasing Agents, consulting engineers, materials suppliers and construction contractors. The First Edition of the Regional Construction Standards was published in January 2000. Since then, new and additional text and standard details have been added, updates made, and in June 2016, the Sixth Edition was released as the most comprehensive version to date. More than 90 individuals from both the public and private sectors, including engineers, attorneys, purchasing agents, contractors, consultants, vendors, and inspectors, were involved in the development and review of the 6th Edition.

By December 2015, more than 1000 construction projects worth over $1.13 billion, were under design, construction, or built using a portion or all of the Standards, with more than $500 million in the last 5 years. Projects have included Sewer Rehabilitation, VDOT Urban-Funded Roadway Improvements, Streetscape improvements, Water Distribution Systems, Sanitary Sewer Systems, Storm Water Systems, Site Plans, and Demolition projects.

The Regional Construction Standards is a magnificent example of true regional cooperation formulated in the spirit of compromise for the greater good. This document may be downloaded electronically at www.hrregconstds.org, or purchased as a “hard copy” at the offices of the HRPDC.