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HRPDC Action Summary: Quarterly Meeting July 16, 2015

HRPDC Action Summary: Quarterly Meeting July 16, 2015

Chairman Wright welcomed new Executive Director, Bob Crum on behalf of the Commission.  Mr. Crum expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity and his desire to get to know all of the staff and Commissioners.

Chairman Wright and Vice Chairman Haulman presented a proclamation commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act to the Hampton Roads Disabilities Services Board.

The HRPDC took the following actions at its Quarterly Commission meeting on July 16, 2015:

Workshop Items:

Dutch Dialogues Report:  Senior Planner, Ben McFarlane provided an overview of the regional discussions from the Dutch Dialogues sessions held recently.  Several potential regional solutions were explored, including barriers, building techniques and living shorelines.  The optimal methods combined living shorelines and adaptive building techniques with recreational amenities that could also provide storm surge protection.  The team recommended that the region collaborate when and where it made sense to do so, using the statutory authority of the PDC to lead the effort.

Regional Solid Waste Management Plan for Southeastern Virginia:  Deputy Executive Director, Randy Keaton updated the Commission regarding the process of the 5-year update for the Regional Solid Waste Management Plan.  Since the last update, per capita waste generation estimates have declined by 45%, with total waste declining by 20%.  In addition, the southside is achieving a recycling rate of 30.8%.  No public comments have been received.  The SPSA board is expected to approve the revisions at their July meeting.

Hampton Roads Real Estate Market:  James Clary, Senior Economist provided a briefing on the state of real estate in the region which included an in depth look at the home price index, which measures repeated home sales.  The limited market recovery is no longer driven by investment, but by modest employment growth.  In terms of new construction, multi-family now exceeds single family market share.  Also of note, land costs have become a larger percentage of building costs for new homes, resulting in a significant increase in tear downs.

Staff Compensation:  The Personnel and Budget Committee recommended a 2% performance based raise for staff and a $10,000 one-time bonus for the Interim Executive Director.

Regular Agenda

Public Comments:  
•    Mr. Ellis James of Norfolk stressed the need for swift action with regard to sea level rise in Hampton Roads.
The following items were approved under the Consent Agenda:
•    Minutes:  The Minutes of the June 18, 2015 Executive Committee Meeting
•    Treasurer’s Report
•    FY 2016 Budget – Staff Compensation
•    Evaluation of Interim Executive Director
•    Consultant Services Contract –Special Legal Consultant on Stormwater Matters
•    Letter of Support for Grant Applications
•    Regional Solid Waste Management Plan for Southeastern Virginia

Chairman Wright appointed members representing each locality to the Nominating Committee.  Thomas Smigiel, City of Norfolk will serve as Chair. 

City Managers J. Randal Wheeler, Poquoson and James Baker, Chesapeake were appointed to the Personnel and Budget Committee.  Executive Director, Bob Crum was appointed as Secretary of the Commission.

Chairman Wright noted future meeting topics and other items of interest included in the packet.  There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned.