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HRPDC Action Summary: July 19, 2012

HRPDC Action Summary: July 19, 2012

Authored by Katie Cullipher, Senior Environmental Education Planner and Lisa Hardy, Physical and Environmental Planner

The Commission took the following actions at the Quarterly Commission Meeting on July 19, 2012:

Former HRPDC Commissioners and city council members Cliff Hayes, Jr. (Chesapeake) and Ross Kearney, II, (Hampton) were recognized by Chairman Shepperd with a resolution of appreciation for their service to the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission.
Workshop Agenda:

Climate Change Report: Ben McFarlane, Regional Planner HRPDC presented the Regional Climate Change Phase III Final Report. He discussed the content of the report, findings and recommendations, related efforts in the region, and the HRPDC committee review process. The purpose of the study was to discover which areas in Hampton Roads are most vulnerable to sea level rise and to determine the value of assets at risk. Recommendation to approve distribution of the report was included in the consent agenda.

Stormwater Management Regulations: Jennifer Tribo, Senior Water Resources Planner HRPDC gave an update about the Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) Regulations. She discussed background and goals for the regulations, overview of benefits of a local program, timeline for implementation, elements of the local program submittal package, and key local decisions that need to be made. HRPDC staff will continue to provide support in the coordination with the State and localities.

Uranium Mining Impact Study: Thomas Leahy, P.E., Director of Utilities, Virginia Beach gave a presentation on the Virginia Beach/ Michael Baker Uranium Mining Impact Study regarding the consequences of a worst case scenario weather event that could potentially discharge uranium tailings into the Lake Gaston water supply. Lake Gaston currently supplies water to the cities of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk. At the September Commission meeting a resolution opposing lifting of the moratorium on uranium mining will be voted considered.

Staff Performance Compensation:
Dwight Farmer, Executive Director, HRPDC presented a comparison of salaries and wage increases for localities and regional agencies. Recommendation to approve a 1.5% merit adjustment increase for HRPDC staff was included in the consent agenda. 

Action Items:

Public Comments:

Patrick Wales, Geologist, Project Manager, Virginia Uranium, Inc. expressed his company’s commitment to the safe handling of the uranium mining process in Virginia. 

Skip Stiles, Executive Director, Wetlands Watch expressed his appreciation for the Commission’s anticipated action to approve the Climate Change Report and to fund a regional LiDAR acquisition.

Bob Burnley, representing Southern Environmental Law Center expressed his support for maintaining the moratorium on uranium mining.

Ellis W. James of Norfolk expressed his support for maintaining the moratorium on uranium mining and his concern for water quality issues in Hampton Roads.

Items Approved Under The Consent Agenda:

  • Minutes of June 21, 2012 Meeting
  • Treasure’s Report
  • Regional Reviews – Monthly Status Report
    • PNRS Reviews
    • Environmental Impact Assessment/Statement Reviews
  • Climate Change Report approval to distribute
  • Regional LiDAR Acquisition
  • Staff Performance Compensation

There will not be an August Commission Meeting.