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The Town of Smithfield Becomes 17th Member of the HRPDC

The Town of Smithfield Becomes 17th Member of the HRPDC

Smithfield LogoIn May, the Smithfield Town Council executed a resolution formalizing Smithfield’s participation as a voting member of the HRPDC. The Town officially became the 17th member of the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission on July 1, 2014. Mayor T. Carter Williams and Town Manager Peter Stephenson were appointed to the HRPDC and joined the other 16 jurisdictions for the Town’s first official meeting on July 17, 2014.  

The Code of Virginia provides that eligible localities that are not original members of a PDC may elect to join the applicable PDC pursuant to procedures established by a charter agreement. Article VI of HRPDC’s Charter Agreement made as of July 1, 1990, and as amended contains three provisions regarding the addition of new localities.

1)      An eligible locality may join the HRPDC at the end of the HRPDC’s current fiscal year, provided the locality adopts and executes the Charter Agreement.

2)      Within 60 days of notification of the locality’s desire to join, the HRPDC shall submit a report to the remaining governing bodies recommending any necessary modifications to the Charter Agreement or Bylaws.

3)      The new locality is responsible for its pro rata share of the operation from the effective date of the addition.

Until now, Town residents have been represented at the HRPDC through Isle of Wight County’s membership, however recent population increases within the Town’s border made a separate membership more attractive. Town staff have long been appreciative of the programs and services, such as those involved with water, stormwater and wastewater issues, including  askHRgreen.org, the HRPDC’s environmental education program.   

The Smithfield Town Council adopted the HRPDC’s Charter Agreement at its May 6, 2014, meeting.