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Small Grants Make a Big Impact Across the Region

Small Grants Make a Big Impact Across the Region

askHRgreen.org LogoAt askHRgreen.org, we’ve learned that even a small amount of grant money can help spark an idea that encourages people to make an impact in our region. This past fiscal year, $7758 in environmental education grant funds were awarded to support 19 school projects in and out of the classroom.  These projects reached nearly 7,500 students across Hampton Roads and included learning gardens, school recycling programs, composting, and rain barrels.

At Newtown Elementary School in Virginia Beach, students participated in a blind taste test to compare their local tap water with bottled water – and tap won!  Mission Green Planet, organized by a Kellam High School student, helped plant 100 tree saplings at two elementary schools in the area. Last but certainly not least, students at Crittendon Middle School in Suffolk built an impressive water tower to capture rain from the roof and established a self-watering garden. These are just a few examples of successful projects that helped promote environmental stewardship in our communities in FY18.

With the start of the 2018-2019 school year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to apply for the askHRgreen.org mini grant program, which awards up to $500 for qualifying environmentally-themed projects. Teachers, youth leaders, and any organization working with youth K-12 in Hampton Roads are eligible to apply. More details can be found online at askHRgreen.org.