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HRPDC Action Summary

HRPDC Action Summary

By Julia B. Hillegass

Pubic Information & Community Affairs Administrator

The Commission took the following actions at the Executive Committee Meeting on
June 16, 2011:

Public Comments: 
Mr. Ellis James of Norfolk spoke about air quality issues in the area.

Consent Agenda

The following items were approved by Consent Agenda:
•    Minutes of the May 19, 2011 Executive Committee Meeting
•    Treasurer’s Report
•    Regional Reviews

o    PNRS Reviews
o    Environment Impact Assessment/Statement Reviews

The Executive Director was authorized to sign contracts for the following work:
•    Consultant services for web-based fats, oils and grease (FOG) certification training with URS Corp.
•    Consultant services to support the Regional Construction Standards effort with CDM.
•    Continue the Chloride Monitoring Program and maintenance of the water level network with USGS.
•    Renew existing continuing services contracts with CH2MHill and URS Corp.
•    Legal counseling services on stormwater matters as needed in FY12 with McGuire Woods LLP.
•    Continued maintenance of the web-based Stormwater Permit Administration Reporting System (PARS) by URS Corp.

The Executive Director was authorized to submit grant proposals and accept grant awards if offered for the following:
•    National Fish and Wildlife Federation Small Watershed Grant for TMDL Phase II Watershed Implementation Planning
•    Urban Area Security Initiative funding for FY12-14 projects in the area of law enforcement, emergency communications, incident management teams and critical infrastructure.
•    Kodak American Greenways to support the Southeast Coast Saltwater Paddling Trail.

The Hampton Roads Databook and Stormwater Program Effectiveness Indicators Report were approved for distribution.

Regular Agenda:

Resolution:  Plastic Bay Forgiveness Day
Ms. Julia Hillegass, Public Information and Community Affairs Administrator fielded questions from Commissioners and provided a quick overview of activities associated with this campaign.  The resolution, declaring June 25, 2011 as Plastic Bag Forgiveness Day was passed unanimously.

FY2012 Unified Planning Work Program

The Work Program for next fiscal year was approved.

FY 2012 Budget
Ms. Nancy Collins, CFO, presented the FY12 budget for the HRPDC, noting that several cuts had been made in order to keep member contributions flat.  The budget was approved.

Hampton Roads Communications Interoperability
Mr. Rich Flannery, Emergency Management Administrator, briefed the Executive Committee on the current status of interoperable communications in Hampton Roads.  The Executive Committee approved the Executive Director and staff to work with the Chief Administrative Officers to develop a feasible local funding and management solution to sustain regional interoperable communications if the HRPDC is unsuccessful in obtaining grant support to do so.

Regional Climate Change Project—Phase II Final Report
Mr. Benjamin McFarlane presented a brief overview of the contents of the report, focusing on storm surge vulnerability.  Future efforts will focus on monitoring any acceleration in sea level rise, researching and developing policy options and partnering with ODU and VIMS on related projects.  The report was vetted through the HRPDC Joint Environmental Committee and was approved by the Commission.