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HRPDC Action Summary:June 21, 2012

HRPDC Action Summary:June 21, 2012

The Commission took the following actions at the Executive Committee Meeting on June 21, 2012:

Public Comments:  Mr. Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky, Portsmouth resident, expressed his concerns about the proposed APM terminal deal and its potential impacts to area localities.

Mr. Ellis W. James of Norfolk urged members to pay close attention to extreme heat conditions, area water use and potential drought conditions for the region.  Mr. James also warned of continued air quality degradation in the region.

Minutes:  The minutes of the April 19, 2012 HRPDC Quarterly Commission Meeting were approved as part of the consent agenda.

Treasurer’s Report:
Approved as part of the consent agenda.

Regional Reviews:
  Approved as part of the consent agenda.

Other items approved under the Consent Agenda:

  • Regional Solid Waste Plan for Southeastern Virginia – Amendment No. 2
  • Consultant Services Contract – United States Geological Survey (USGS) – Groundwater Monitoring
  • Consultant Services Contracts – Continuing Services Agreements for Water Resources Projects
  • Consultant Services Contract Task Order – Sanitary Sewer Overflow Reporting System (SSORS)
  • Consultant Services Contract Task Order – Permit Administration and Review System (PARS)
  • Consultant Services Contract – Special Legal Consultant on Stormwater Matters
  • Consultant Services Contract – Marketing and Public Relations Consultant Service for askHRgreen.org
  • Consultant Services Contract - Urban Area Security Initiative Effectiveness Report
  • Reducing Nutrients on Private Property: Evaluation of Programs, Practices and Incentives
  • Roof Replacement

FY 2012 HRPDC Budget – Amendment No. 2

Regular Agenda:
Appointment to HRMMRS Oversight Committee:
  Mrs. Barbara Henley, Virginia Beach City Council, agreed to serve as the HRPDC representative to the HRMMRS oversight committee.

Coastal Zone Management Program – FY 2013 Grants:  Deputy Executive Director John Carlock briefed the Commission on the three project proposals received.  Two public access projects proposed by Norfolk and Suffolk were determined to be eligible for funding.  The Commission authorized the Executive Director to move the applications forward, accept the grants if awarded and develop agreements with the locality project sponsors.

VRS Resolutions:  The Commission authorized the Executive Director to execute the resolutions which formalize salary adjustments for staff to compensate with the 5% contribution to VRS.

Hampton Roads Data Book:  Chief Economist Greg Grootendorst provided an overview of key data from the 2012 Hampton Roads Databook.  Items of interest included population growth and migration, tourism dollars, income and employment trends, as well as retail sales.  The data book, available in Excel tables or .pdf format was approved for distribution.

Regional Sea Level Rise Study:  Ben McFarlane, Physical & Environmental Planner, gave a review of the findings and recommendations of the regional study on sea level rise.  The purpose of the study was to discover which areas in Hampton Roads are most vulnerable to sea level rise and to determine the value of assets at risk.  As a result, a GIS tool was developed to model the impacts of future sea level rise on Hampton Roads.  The Commission discussed the impacts of Sea Level Rise on local citizens and public infrastructure as well as associated regulatory issues.  Staff will conduct a review for better available data and the study will be considered further at the Commission’s July meeting.

Oceans 2012 Briefing:  Due to time constraints, Mr. Ray Toll was asked to provide his briefing at an upcoming Mayors and Chairs Meeting.

FY 2013 Budget – Staff Compensation:  After some discussion, the issue was deferred until the July meeting, with more local compensation history to be provided to the entire Commission prior to that meeting.