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11th Edition of Regional Benchmarking Study Released

11th Edition of Regional Benchmarking Study Released

The HRPDC Economics staff released the latest Hampton Roads Regional Benchmarking Study at the June 16, 2016 HRPDC Executive Committee meeting. This is the 11th year the HRPDC has produced the Study.

The purpose of the Hampton Roads Regional Benchmarking Study is to shed light on the numerous  metrics  and  statistics  that  provide  insight  into  the  region’s  well-being, and to provide information to assist in the decision making process on matters pertaining to the region’s quality of life.  The Study is comprised of 171 graphs and illustrations to help better understand Hampton Roads’ relative well-being, both in relation to other regions, and with respect to changing regional trends.

Divided into 14 sections, The Hampton Roads Benchmarking Study provides measures of the region’s economy, various industries, demographics, transportation system, education system, government finances, and quality of life. The Report also includes metrics on each of the region’s localities in relation to each other.

The introduction section begins with a table that ranks and compares Hampton Roads on a variety of metrics to the 34 reference metropolitan areas that have a population between 1 and 3 million people.  It also contains a data profile for the region and each of the 17 member localities of the HRPDC.

The Hampton Roads Regional Benchmarking Study, 11th Edition can be reviewed or downloaded from the Commission’s website at http://www.hrpdcva.gov/page/benchmarking

Nominal Gros Product in 2014

While Hampton Roads is only the 38th largest metropolitan region in the United States, the significance of the region’s economy is visible even on an international scale. Learn more about how the region’s economy measures up in the HRPDC’s Hampton Roads Regional Benchmarking Study.