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Residents Identify with Hampton Roads

Residents Identify with Hampton Roads

So what makes Hampton Roads unique?  What do residents value about our region?  And what is important to make the region more competitive?  These are just some of the questions we asked in a statistically valid survey of Hampton Roads residents.  And while the results were not earth shattering, they were enlightening!

Core values mentioned time and again included diversity, both of people and landscape, a sense of place with a sense of pride, our water and natural environment, military and history.  And while there was an obvious affection for Hampton Roads, there was also an aspiration to make the region better by being proactive, embracing change, forward-thinking leadership and, most of all, thinking and acting more regionally and less parochially.

As we continue on our regional strategic planning effort, these are the sentiments that will guide the crafting of a preferred regional vision to propel Hampton Roads forward.  Our Steering Committee and Stakeholders will be meeting over the course of the next several months to roll up their sleeves and do this important work and we will continue to report on these efforts.  For information on how you can participate, contact Jai McBride at 420-8300 or jmcbride@hrpdcva.gov.