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Give Up Single Use Plastics for Plastic Free July

Give Up Single Use Plastics for Plastic Free July

Logo with a plastic bottle covered by a "circle-slash" with text that reads "choose to refuse"During the month of July, askHRgreen.org is challenging Hampton Roads residents to join those around the world who are giving up single use plastics for Plastic Free July. Participating is easier than you think. Just say no to common sources of single use plastics like straws, beverage bottles, cutlery, and plastic bags. These items are used for a few brief minutes yet can persist in a landfill or on the ground as litter for decades and will most often become microplastics that contaminate our soil and water. Spark some change this fourth of July and declare your independence from single use plastics with these helpful tips!

Declare your independence from…

  • Plastic bags. Carry reusable bags with you to the grocery store. Say “no thank you” when offered a bag for smaller purchases you can carry by hand or toss inside a purse.
  • Bottled water. Choose a reusable bottle and fill ‘er up with safe, healthy tap water! Good for you, good for the environment.
  • Straws. Skip the straw by asking for no straw from waitstaff at restaurants and drive-thru windows. If straws are a must, pack your own reusable straw when you’re on the go.
  • Wasteful lunches. Swap disposable plastic sandwich bags and cutlery for reusable containers and flatware. Packing a lunch in reusable containers reduces waste but can also save you money.

Learn more about plastic-free living and take our single use plastics quiz at https://askhrgreen.org/gtk-gtd/single-use-plastic. Together we can keep Hampton Roads, and America, beautiful!