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2012 Hampton Roads Sustainable Living Expo

2012 Hampton Roads Sustainable Living Expo


Sustainable Living ExpoThere seems to be a common misconception that “sustainability” and “green” have the same meaning. While the term “green” generally focuses on the environment, “sustainability” can only be achieved when we balance social, economic, and environmental issues. This approach can help consumers, businesses, and the greater community enjoy the benefits of living sustainably.  

To help correct the misconception, the city of Virginia Beach is organizing the Hampton Roads Sustainable Living Expo to be held September 28-29, 2012, at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. The goal of the Expo is to begin an honest dialogue on what it means to be sustainable in the Hampton Roads Region. There are already many local, public and private community leaders in our area addressing sustainability. These organizations are quietly moving towards a sustainable model, while many other organizations are looking for a way to begin.
Visit the Hampton Roads Sustainable Living Expo, and explore how living sustainably can benefit your future in Hampton Roads.    

For more information, visit the Expo’s website or download the brochure here.  Sponsorship & Exhibitor Opportunities are available. Please click here for more information.