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Regional Vaccination Dashboard Added to COVID-19 Impact Planning Hub

Regional Vaccination Dashboard Added to COVID-19 Impact Planning Hub

The HRPDC first published the Hampton Roads COVID-19 Impact Planning Hub in April 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to spread across the country and the Commonwealth. The goal of the Hub is to provide a single location to publish data about the spread of COVID-19 cases and the impact of the pandemic on Hampton Roads. The Hub already contains data dashboards regarding COVID-19 cases at the local, regional, and Health District levels as well as topical information pages about economic and transportation impacts. Now, the Hub will feature a data dashboard about COVID-19 vaccinations as well.

COVID-19 vaccines began to be administered in Virginia in December 2020. Recently, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) began reporting on the number of vaccines received and administered in Virginia. The new HRPDC Vaccine Dashboard presents the VDH vaccination data for Hampton Roads as a region as well as for the localities.

Example of Vaccine Reporting on COVID Dashboard

The number of vaccines received and administered should not be expected to be equal, especially on the locality level. The vaccine is first distributed in large numbers to certain types of facilities (such as hospitals and local health departments). The doses may then be redistributed to various locations to be administered. Also, some localities may not have receiving facilities (such as a hospital) and so doses administered in that locality were redistributed to them from elsewhere. It can be 7-10 days before received vaccines are administered and take up to 72 hours to be reported.

Despite these caveats, the data provided does give a general picture of the vaccination progress for Hampton Roads, which facility types are receiving the initial doses, which are administering the doses, and which vaccine brands (Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson & Johnson) are being administered in Hampton Roads. To view all of the charts, be sure to click on the small arrows at the bottom of the main bar chart to cycle through them. Any chart can be enlarged by clicking the icon that appears in the upper right-hand corner of the box.

To view the new Vaccine Dashboard, visit the COVID-19 Hub and click on the new icon in the Data & Dashboard section.

Bar Graph Icon from the Regional COVID Dashboard

Also note that the Vaccine Dashboard does not report on COVID-19 vaccines that have been administered by the Department of Defense as this data is not publicly available. For further information about DOD vaccinations in Hampton Roads, please visit the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth website.