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HRPDC Executive Committee Meeting March 2012: Action Summary

HRPDC Executive Committee Meeting March 2012: Action Summary

The Commission took the following actions at the Executive Committee Meeting on March 15, 2012:

Public Comments:
  Mr. Ellis W. James of Norfolk urged localities to pay close attention to the state efforts in studying uranium mining, citing lack of transparency in the Technical Advisory Committee process as a key area of concern.

  The minutes of the January 19, 2012 HRPDC Quarterly Commission Meeting and Summary of the February 16, 2012 Retreat were approved as part of the consent agenda.

Treasurer’s Report:
Approved as part of the consent agenda.

Regional Reviews:  Approved as part of the consent agenda.

Other items approved under the Consent Agenda:

  • Authorized Resolutions and Certifications for FY2011 Metropolitan Medical Response System Grant Application
  • Approved the 2012 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Regional Priorities list for transmittal to the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development.
  • Authorized the Executive Director to submit grant proposals to the Department of Environmental Quality to support the Virginia Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Technical Assistance Program and CZM 309 Strategy grant, as well as to accept grant offers when they are made.

Regular Agenda:

Emergency Management & Homeland Security Sustainment:  Mr. Curtis Brown, Regional Emergency Management Administrator, briefed the Commission on funding that is at-risk due to changes in federal funding eligibility for regional efforts after 2014 and proposed a regional process for determining priorities for maintaining acquired capabilities.  The Commission authorized the Urban Area Workgroup, in collaboration with Homeland Security Stakeholders to develop a sustainment plan.

Environmental Education Program:
Public Information & Community Affairs Administrator, Julia Hillegass provided an overview of environmental education priorities for FY 2013.  Stormwater efforts will be closely aligned with TMDL requirements.  Litter control and recycling efforts will focus on the basics of what and how to recycle.  Fats, oil and grease abatement will concentrate on educating residents and businesses about eliminating garbage disposal use as a way to reduce sanitary sewer backups and overflows.  Water education will focus on the value of clean, safe local tap water.  In addition, the Commission authorized staff to develop regional forums and work more closely with local Public Information Offices and municipal cable stations.

Coastal Zone Management & Local Comprehensive Planning Programs: 
Regional Planner, Ben McFarlane presented the FY 2010-2011 Coastal Resources Management Program Technical Assistance Report, as well as an overview of the comprehensive planning program for FY 2013.  The Report and program priorities were approved by the Commission.

Chairman Shepperd reviewed the three-month tentative schedule of topics and solicited input from Commissioners for other topics to be discussed.  He also reviewed Project Status Reports and Advisory Committee Summaries, with special emphasis on the issue of uranium mining.  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.