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Regional Construction Standards Releases Field Manual

Regional Construction Standards Releases Field Manual

The Regional Construction Standards, a reference manual of uniform construction standards for improvements in public rights-of-way, is now in its Fifth Edition. A Field Manual for users when they are not near a computer was recently released. While The Standards are available at the HRPDC website (www.hrpdcva.gov), The Field Manual was developed specifically for field construction personnel.

The Regional Construction Standards, supported by the HRPDC, address 'horizontal' improvements and those involving the major elements of roadways, drainage, and utilities (water distribution and wastewater collection). These standards are intended to accommodate most of the typical construction projects in the region and support the majority of issues the communities face in building minor roads and utilities. The Standards are updated periodically and the HRPDC provides training.
This Field Manual contains information extracted from the Regional Construction Standards, Fifth Edition, which is frequently needed in the field, including:

  • a Measurement and Payment Section, which consolidates all Regional Construction Standards Technical Specification Sections in one section;
  • a Standard Details Section, which provides reduced images contained in the Regional Construction Standards; and,
  • a Conversion Table for facilitating mathematical conversions that are frequently needed.

The Field Manual was especially prepared to be adaptable to job specific requirements. Reusable binders are provided to allow insertions for items not contained in the Regional Construction Standards, such as Standard Details specific to a locality or a project.  The Field Manual’s cover is made of sturdy polyester and sized so it easily fits into a jacket or pants’ pocket.

The Field Manual is available for purchase at the offices of the HRPDC. The cost is $50 plus postage. If you're planning to pre-pay, please contact Kathlene Grauberger for postage cost, 757.420.8300 or kgrauberger@hrpdcva.gov. The HRPDC is able to accept check, money order, or cash at this time. Check or money order should be payable to HRPDC.