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HRPDC Action Summary: Executive Committee Meeting, March 17, 2016

HRPDC Action Summary: Executive Committee Meeting, March 17, 2016

Chairman Haulman convened the March 17, 2016 HRPDC Executive Committee Meeting. The following actions were taken and items discussed:

There were no speakers signed up for the public comment period.

Executive Director’s Report – Mr. Crum highlighted his continued involvement in legislative efforts with the region’s legislative liaisons during the last weeks of the General Assembly session, with particular emphasis on the GO Virginia initiative.  April will be the Commission’s Annual Retreat, which will focus on PDC structure and governance, regional economic development planning, Envision Hampton Roads, and regional legislative efforts.

Personnel & Budget Committee Report – The P&B Committee met to review the evaluations of the Executive Director and discuss his tenure.  The Committee recommended offering Mr. Crum a permanent contract.  Chairman Haulman and CAO Chair Bourey both commended Mr. Crum for making such an impact on the region in a short amount of time.  The Commission voted unanimously to offer Mr. Crum a permanent position with the HRPDC.

The following items were approved under the Consent Agenda:

  • Meeting Minutes –  February 18, 2016 HRPDC Executive Committee Meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report of  January 2016
  • Janitorial Contract
  • CDBG Regional Priorities List

Urban Areas Securities Initiative Update–Robb Braidwood, AHAC Chair; Adam Thiel, Deputy Secretary of Public Safety & Homeland Security and John Sadler, HRPDC Emergency Management Administrator provided an in depth review of the region’s UASI efforts and assets.  Deputy Secretary Thiel stressed the need to continue to make the case for the region’s unique military and port assets and infrastructure that should be a factor in the risk assessment scoring process.  John Sadler reviewed the regional initiatives that have been funded through UASI grants, highlighting the importance of sustainment and the risk of reduced capabilities.  Mr. Braidwood concluded the presentation with strategies for moving forward, which include working with the region’s legislative liaisons and the federal delegation, pushing for a more accurate depiction of the region’s risk, and other potential funding mechanisms.  Commission discussion centered on future maintenance and upgrade of regional assets and the need to engage as a region to ensure sustainability.

General Assembly Session Debrief—Mr. Robert Matthias, City of Virginia Beach and Mr. Bryan Pennington, City of Norfolk provided a debrief on the 2016 Virginia General Assembly session, highlighting those issues of importance in the regional legislative agenda.  Key items in transportation, economic development, public education, natural resources, and coastal flooding were considered successes due, in large part, to the unprecedented regional efforts of the liaisons, the HRPDC and the Hampton Roads Caucus.  The Caucus has asked that the region continue to work with them over the summer months to develop regional legislative priorities.

Chairman Haulman briefly reviewed the upcoming schedule, correspondence of interest and additional attachments.  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.