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8th Annual HOEPS Event Slated for April 22 in Hampton

8th Annual HOEPS Event Slated for April 22 in Hampton

HOEPS ShieldCould you design a healthcare facility and continuity plan than would withstand a natural disaster? Have you ever wondered what resources are available to your healthcare organization during a disaster or how you fit into emergency response and recovery?

Join Ready Hampton Roads, Eastern Virginia Healthcare Coalition, Hampton Roads MMRS and the Hampton Roads Regional Catastrophic Planning Team for the 8th Annual HOEPS Event, April 22, 2014, at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton. HOEPS is short for Healthcare Organizations Emergency Preparedness Seminars and is supported by the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission’s Emergency Management department.

This year HOEPS will be the biggest and best yet, featuring multiple sessions along three different training tracks:

•    Emergency Preparedness & YOU
•    Putting the Pieces Together, and
•    Advanced Emergency Preparedness-Building a Resilient Healthcare Community.

For the first time ever, the entire HOEPS event activities and sessions will be streamed live online for those unable to attend in person. And whether you attend in person or on-line, the event is free, but you must register.

The emcee for the day is Mrs. Virginia International 2014, Cheryl Nelson, a broadcast meteorologist who has made it her Mrs. Virginia International platform to raise awareness of the importance of natural disaster preparedness. She will introduce our world-renowned keynote speaker, disaster psychologist Dr. Grady Bray. Dr. Bray has an international reputation as a lecturer, author, disaster survivor and emergency response authority, and frequently serves as a subject matter expert on the topic for the media, such as The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channels, and the TODAY show and NBC Dateline.

For more information or to register, visit the Ready Hampton Roads website: http://hoeps.readyhr.org