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Spotlight shines on local water utility employees

Spotlight shines on local water utility employees

An image of Pia Corpuz one of our local water utility employeesWho makes it possible for a steady flow of tap water to reach our homes and businesses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? Construction crews and plumbers might naturally come to mind but it truly takes so much more to deliver tap water. There are lab technicians, customer service representatives, accountants, groundskeepers, and many other essential employees working together each day to deliver our community’s water. Through the new Work for Water program, askHRgreen.org is shining the spotlight on some of the dedicated people who work for our local water utilities. In a series of online videos, employees reveal what they like most about their jobs and encourage others to consider a career in the field.

“It’s almost impossible to put a price on water,” said Ryan Jenkins, a senior construction maintenance worker. “To be able to provide that to the public, and work with my team to protect the watershed and our source water, is very rewarding.”

Take a moment to listen to all their stories collected through the Work for Water program at askHRgreen.org/work-for-water. You’ll also find links to available job postings for our local water utilities. If you are looking for a chance to serve your community while receiving great benefits and challenging career growth opportunities, working for water just might be for you!