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HRPDC Launches New Website for Regional Construction Standards

HRPDC Launches New Website for Regional Construction Standards

The Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC) recently launched a new website for the Hampton Roads Regional Construction Standards (HRRCS).  

The communities of Hampton Roads developed the first edition of the HRRCS in December 1999 to simplify construction and improve the quality of roads, utilities, and other right-of- way improvements built across the region. The latest edition, the Sixth, was adopted in June 2016, and as of the end of 2016, more than $1.25 billion worth of construction projects have been completed; were under construction; or, under design, using the Regional Construction Standards since 2002. The Standards represent a collaborative effort of the HRPDC’s 17 member communities, the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD), and the Hampton Roads Utility and Heavy Contractors Association (HRUHCA).

New Regional Construction Standards Website Homepage.“The new website will help users find needed information much quicker - in the office or at the construction site. With links to participating localities’ Special Provisions or their websites, the infrastructure is in place to allow even greater information sharing in the future,” said Bob Sciacchitano, Program Manager, CDM Smith. CDM Smith is the HRPDC’s consultant on the current Regional Construction Standards program.

The Standards have always had an on-line presence, first as a part of the HRPDC’s website, then moving to its own website in 2012. The new revamped website is the next phase in the HRRCS online development and was developed with HRPDC’s web services provider, Insercorp LTD.  The website, which could previously be accessed at www.hrregconstds.org  can now also be accessed by its new Domain Name, www.HRRCS.com.

Redesigned for today’s on-the-go contractors who need access to the Standards anywhere they are, the new site utilizes a responsive design, allowing users to view and access the Standards on any device - smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.  A custom, clean, uncluttered design allows for quick loading of webpages and documents.  

New Search feature on the Regiona Construction Standards website.The new custom search tool also improves functionality allowing users to search the Current Standards as well as the Fifth Edition via Division, Section, Keyword and description.  Another new feature to help contractors includes a built-in PDF reader which enables the Standards to be quickly opened and viewed without downloading or waiting for an external program to open a viewer.

In addition, the website now features an interactive calendar and document database for improved information sharing that will enhance training initiatives and the development of future editions of the HRRCS.

“The collaboration between Insercorp, HRPDC, and CDM Smith made development of the new HRRCS website a success.  The search tool is a powerful new feature and it is my hope that contractors throughout Hampton Roads will appreciate this upgrade,” said Tim Bradshaw, Founder & CEO of Insercorp LTD.