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Fewer Nutrients, More Bay TMDL Credit

Fewer Nutrients, More Bay TMDL Credit

Localities are taking various steps, or management actions, towards achieving the Bay TMDL.  The Chesapeake Bay Program has developed a process to assign credits to each management action included in the Bay Model. Last Spring, the Chesapeake Bay Program revised the credits assigned to urban nutrient management.  This refers to managing nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, for turf, landscape plants, and water quality protection.  These nutrients are the primary components of fertilizer and ensuring that they are applied in appropriate quantities at the optimum time can earn localities credit towards the Bay TMDL. (For more information, review an article about this from last year, HERE) The full report details the credits and methodologies used to calculate them. HRPDC has created a fact sheet that summarizes the credits and how localities can take advantage of them.  Future fact sheets will be developed to address stormwater performance standards, urban stormwater retrofits, stream restoration, and shoreline management.

Urban Nutrient Management Fact Sheet