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Jenny Redick Rejoins HRPDC in a Familiar Role

Jenny Redick Rejoins HRPDC in a Familiar Role

Photo of Jenny RedickSometimes life’s path forward takes you back to a place you’ve been. Just ask Jenny Redick.

Ms. Redick re-joined the HRPDC in April 2017 as the Regional Inclusive Emergency Planner. It is the position she held from May 2008 until August 2011. Jenny was the first person to hold that position at the HRPDC. As the Regional Inclusive Emergency Planner,  Ms. Redick is tasked with enhancing preparedness for those with disabilities and access and functional needs in the community, as well as leading efforts for inclusive planning and advocacy.

Jenny has a BA in Psychology from Berry College and an MA in Counseling from Regent University. She has worked as a disability advocate and educator for many years and possesses extensive experience helping people in the fields of mental health and higher education. Providing education and training as well as nurturing a whole community approach when it comes to making the Hampton Roads region a more resilient and prepared community is one of her passions. As mom of a child with significant medical diagnoses, she personally understands the challenges facing those who have unique access and functional needs, and strives to make the region safer for them. Jenny supports inclusion planning and advocacy at the state, regional and local levels in collaboration with public, private and nonprofit organizations. She also conducts research, training, and public outreach for local jurisdictions, agencies and businesses across the region.