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First Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week (June 4-12, 2016)

First Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week (June 4-12, 2016)

Be a part of the first annual CHESAPEAKE BAY AWARENESS WEEK!

The legislatures of MD, PA and VA have designated the second week in June as Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week! Citizens and groups are encouraged to hold events that educate, inspire, and increase enthusiasm and support among all residents of the watershed for restoring the Bay with the goal of increasing the number and diversity of citizen stewards.

How can I Participate? 

Host an event, activity, or educational program between June 4 and June 12 to increase awareness of the importance of the Chesapeake Bay to watershed residents. To post your event on the master events list, and invite public participation, send information to bayweek@allianceforthebay.org Include the location of the event (City/Town and state), the name of the host organization, the event title, date/time, and either a link to the event, a link to the host’s webpage, or an e-mail address for the event organizer. Please indicate whether the event is handicapped accessible. We will also track events that are not open to the public (like school events) so let us know about those as well but be sure to indicate that they are not for the general public.

What type of event should I plan?

Events can range from fun to serious, to all things in-between. They can include wade-ins to measure water clarity, tree or bay grass plantings, trash clean-ups, rain garden workshops, guided kayak or canoe trips, educational seminars, public tours of stormwater projects, events to “meet a waterman”, hikes on preserved lands, radio shows, movie screenings, seafood and music festivals, or any type of event that will increase public awareness, stewardship and enthusiasm for Bay restoration. We encourage you to invite your local, state and federal elected officials to your event, and to engage students of all ages.

How can I Promote Bay Awareness Week?

Post this link to the master list of events in MD, VA and PA to your website and send it out to all your contacts inviting them to be a part of the first annual Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week. http://www.chesapeakebay.net/takeaction/events