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Is Your Business a Star

Is Your Business a Star
Bay Star Program Expands to Business Partners

Image of the Bay Star Business Partner LogoHampton Roads business owners, are you ready to take the pledge? Modeled after our successful Bay Star Homes program, askHRgreen.org recently launched Bay Star Business, recognizing local companies that are committed to protecting water quality in the region.

Greening your business is easier than you think. Bay Star Business practices include simple steps your company can take inside, outside, or within the community. Actions such as properly maintaining vehicles and using “green” landscaping techniques not only improve local water quality but also benefit your business itself. Other examples of Bay Star Business pledges include recycling, picking up litter, conserving water and promoting environmental stewardship among employees. Many businesses are already using these good-to-do practices and askHRgreen.org wants to recognize them for it.

When your business signs up as a partner in the Bay Star Business program, askHRgreen.org will send you a welcome packet with window clings to proudly display in your office/store window or on your company vehicles. We’ll also recognize your organization on the askHRgreen.org website. Signing up is quick and easy so go to askHRgreen.org/BayStarBusiness and make your corporate commitment to a cleaner, greener Hampton Roads!