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Pet Owners Pledge to Keep Waterways Cleaner

Pet Owners Pledge to Keep Waterways Cleaner

Rover River LogoaskHRgreen.org and its local partners launched the second annual Scoop the Poop Pledge campaign on May 19, 2015. This regional effort has been organized for the past two years by askHRgreen.org, the environmental education campaign administrated through HRPDC, Elizabeth River Project, Norfolk SPCA and several other local watershed restoration groups and animal shelters. The Scoop the Poop Pledge campaign is an ongoing effort to educate the public about the dangers of leaving pet waste on the ground. Pet waste is one of the leading causes of harmful bacteria in local waterways, leading to the motto of the joint campaign: “From Rover to River – No Poop Left Behind.”

This online pledge to help clean up local waterways has been a great success. Citizens who sign the pledge have committed to scooping the poop every time, always brining poop bags when they are on-the-go with a pet and sharing the important message of scooping the poop with other pet owners in their lives. To date, more than 650 pet owners in Hampton Roads have signed the pledge to scoop the poop and become advocates for this regional initiative to improve local water quality.

To take the Scoop the Poop Pledge or to learn more about what you can do at home, in your yard or at the office to keep our local waterways clean, visit askHRgreen.org.