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Get Back to Basics for America Recycles Day

Get Back to Basics for America Recycles Day

Start Smart Recycle Right LogoThe United States generates over 290 million pounds of waste each year. That's about five pounds per person per day! This year for America Recycles Day on Nov. 15, askHRgreen.org challenges you to reduce the amount of waste you create by starting smart and recycling right.

Starting smart means making better choices as a shopper. Shop for products with less packaging or packaging you know can be accepted for recycling. It is as easy as bringing your own reusable tote bags to replace single use plastic bags and choosing eggs packed in cardboard instead of Styrofoam™. You can even prioritize packaging you can reuse like coffee cans or glass jars.

Recycling right is also essential. Here in Hampton Roads, we're getting back to the basics of recycling. No matter where you live, know that paper, plastic bottles with a neck or spout, and metal cans are accepted for recycling. Just make sure they are empty, clean, and dry. If your item is not one of these things, do not place it in the recycling cart until you know it is accepted. Many well-intending people put too much in the recycling bin and that does more harm than good. The best place to refresh your recycling know-how is our handy Recycling & Disposal Lookup Tool which lists by city or county what is recyclable at curbside, through drop-off recycling programs, and what is just plain old trash.

For America Recycles Day, many cities and counties in the 757 are holding recycling collections to help residents responsibly dispose of a variety of items - from electronics to thrift store donations to hazardous household chemicals. Check out the listing of regional America Recycles Day events to find an event near you! 

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