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Cooking Tips for the Holiday Chefs

Thanksgiving DinnerOh, the foods that the holidays bring us:  turkeys with dressing, hams and yams, desserts with whipped topping, and casseroles aplenty. While participating in the annual “gobble until you wobble” is the highlight of the season for many, it may not be so if you’re the designated family host or hostess. As the head holiday chef, you know all the hours that go into preparing those family feasts and the big mess they leave behind. So before you stuff the turkey or roll out the dough, learn how to make cleanup a breeze for the whole family

  • Prevent Pipe Funk. Fats, oils, grease and food scraps can all accumulate in your garbage disposal and kitchen pipes leaving you with an awful odor. Think ahead and keep these items out of your pipes and disposal to avoid a party foul.

  • Grab a Can. Set aside a couple of heat-safe cans to use for small amounts of leftover oils. Liquid grease and oil need to cool before you can safely dispose of them in the trash can.

  • Use a Garbage Bowl. Minimize trips to the trash can and keep food scraps out of your sink by using a garbage bowl. Simply pick a large bowl and use it to collect all the food scraps and other trash that accumulates while you cook. When it’s full, dump it straight into the waste bin or compost pile.

  • No-No Foods. Lard/shortening, butter/margarine, dairy products, batter, icing, salad dressing, sauces and gravy are all very likely to stop up a drain. Play it safe and trash them.

  • Scrape Your Pot & Plate. Leftovers should go in the fridge or the trash, never the sink. Scraping your pots and plates also makes cleanup a piece of cake since there’s no need to pre-rinse them before loading the dishwasher.

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September 8, 2020 - Katie Cullipher, Principal Environmental Eduction Planner