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Become a Bay Star Home

Become a Bay Star Home

Once available only to Norfolk residents, Bay Star Homes is now a regional program that recognizes environmentally-conscious citizens from James City County to Smithfield to Virginia Beach. To become a Bay Star Home, citizens must pledge to practice at least eight conservation practices in their home or yard that will help improve the quality of local rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.  After signing up, Bay Star Homes participants receive a welcome packet full of green tips and information, a garden flag with pole and may become eligible for additional environmental program offerings which differ by locality.

Bay Star Homes is not just for homeowners! The program has options to fit every resident: homeowners, renters, apartment-dwellers and those living in the suburbs or on rural farms. That’s because we can all do our part to clean up local waterways.

The green practices included in Bay Star Homes can all be accomplished at little or no cost to you. Some may even save you money like reducing the use of lawn chemicals, choosing tap over bottled water and turning off lights when not in use.

To join the Bay Star Homes movement, simply make your pledges at askHRgreen.org/BayStarHomes.

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