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Hampton Roads Completes Regional Water Supply Plan

Hampton Roads Completes Regional Water Supply Plan

The HRPDC submitted the Hampton Roads Regional Water Supply Plan (WSP) package to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) on behalf of member localities in accordance with the November 2, 2011 deadline. The regional plan was prepared pursuant to the State Water Control Law Section 62.1-44.15 and 62.1-44.38:1 of the Code of Virginia and the State Water Control Board implementing regulations, 9 VAC 25-780, which establishes the planning process and criteria that local governments must use in the development of local or regional water supply plans.
The package includes the following documents, which may be downloaded from HRPDC’s website: http://www.hrpdcva.gov/PEP/HR_Reg_Water_Supply_Plan.asp:
•    Hampton Roads Regional Water Supply Plan (July 2011)
•    Hampton Roads Regional Water Supply Plan Local Program Adoption Documents (October 2011) (resolutions and records of public hearings)

The March 7, 2007 “Memorandum of Agreement Guiding the Hampton Roads Regional Water Supply Planning Process” established the administrative framework for the regional plan, which was developed under the direction of the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC) Directors of Utilities Committee. On July 21, 2011, the HRPDC Executive Committee acted to: 1) accept the plan as meeting the requirement of the HRPDC work program; and 2) distribute the Hampton Roads Regional WSP to local governments for adoption. Local governments advertised and conducted public hearings during the months of August, September, and October 2011 to solicit public comments and consider resolutions to adopt the regional plan. No written comments were received, and all twenty-seven councils and boards approved the plan. HRPDC compiled locality documents for submittal to DEQ.

DEQ has acknowledged receipt of the Regional Plan in accordance with the submission deadline, noting the reveiew process may take some time.

The evaluation of local and regional water supply plans is pending the establishment of a process and evaluation criteria by the State Water Control Board. It is anticipated that DEQ will develop a Virginia water supply plan based on local and regional plans. The content and format of the Virginia plan remains to be determined. DEQ is leading the advisory committee responsible for developing recommendations for the evaluation of local and regional plans and for the content of the Virginia plan. HRPDC is participating in the advisory committee activities.