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The State of Recycling in Hampton Roads

The State of Recycling in Hampton Roads

Recycle More Trash Less LogoOn November 1, the Recycling & Beautification Committee of askHRgreen.org released “The State of Recycling in Hampton Roads” white paper.  The report provides an overview of recycling in Hampton Roads – from the municipalities that provide the service for its residents to the businesses that collect, sort and re-sell recyclables. It also includes information on Virginia manufacturers that buy and use the raw materials, while providing insight into jobs created, economic impact, recycling success stories and trends both on the regional and national level.

To gather data, askHRgreen.org conducted a curbside recycling survey of Hampton Roads municipalities in the fall of 2013. In addition, askHRgreen.org reviewed studies and online resources developed by the Bureau of Labor, Southeast Recycling Development Council and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, among others.

The white paper is the first of its kind for the region and provides a “point-in-time” look at recycling while highlighting the benefits and challenges of curbside recycling in Hampton Roads, current trends and the potential for continued growth. Read the full report online at the askHRgreen.org website.

askHRgreen.org is a region-wide public awareness and education campaign administered through the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission and powered by the 17 localities in Hampton Roads.