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HRPDC Action Summary: Executive Committee Meeting, November 21,2013

HRPDC Action Summary:  Executive Committee Meeting, November 21,2013

The Commission took the following actions at its Executive Committee Meeting on November 21, 2013:

Workshop Items:

Coastal Zone Program Grant Updates

Benjamin McFarlane, HRPDC Regional Planner, provided an overview of two grants from the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program.  The first is the HRPDC’s Coastal Resources Management Technical Assistance Program. As part of this grant, the HRPDC staff identifies critical and timely issues that could benefit from in-depth study and analysis. VACo requested assistance from the Virginia Association of Planning District Commissions (VAPDC) in studying property insurance issues in coastal localities. The HRPDC staff has been representing VAPDC on the VACo Coastal Insurance Task Force and assisting the effort through geographic information systems (GIS) analysis and mapmaking.  The second, a Section 309 grant, focuses on developing policies for local governments that will improve water quality and assist local governments with regulatory implementation. The primary goal of this project is to help local governments in Hampton Roads address new Virginia Stormwater Regulations and the Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL). 

Commissioner Jones shared her experience in James City County working on the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors stating that the types of development strategies described had both pros and cons to be considered including adequate parking space, emergency access, increased density and vegetation mortality.

 2014 Legislative Agenda

Public Information & Community Affairs Administrator, Julia Hillegass provided an update to HRPDC Legislative Agenda which included more specific language regarding water quality funding priorities and K-12 education. 

 2033 Workforce Housing Needs in Hampton Roads

Mrs. Shernita Bethea, HRPDC Housing Administrator, presented a project in partnership with Housing Virginia, the National Housing Conference (NHC) and various other funders and supporters, to work on a housing forecast that will provide an analysis of current housing needs in Hampton Roads, as well as an employment driven housing demand forecast to 2033, the purpose of which is to provide local and regional policymakers, business leaders, and non-profit groups in Hampton Roads with the data and tools to develop housing strategies that will help ensure the success of the region’s economies and the well-being of their residents.

Regular Agenda

Public Comments: 

Mr. Ellis James, Norfolk, reiterated his concern and support for maintaining the moratorium on uranium mining in Virginia.  In addition, Mr. James warned of the potential transition to virtual currency and the potential for security and terrorist threats.

 The following items were approved under the Consent Agenda:

  • Minutes:  The Minutes of the HRPDC Annual Commission meeting of October 17, 2013.
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Regional Reviews
  • FY 2013 Audit Report

Other Items approved under the Consent Agenda:

Budget Amendments:

  • Regional Construction Standards
  • SPSA Solid Waste Study 2018
  • UASI PPE Award
  • UASI Web EOC
  • Coastal Zone Award
  • Year-End Rollovers
  • TPO Carry-Over Funding
  • Personnel
  • CZM 309 Final Report

2014 Legislative Agenda

Economic Impact of the DoD

Resolution for Collaborative Government Initiative

Hampton Roads 2040 Socioeconomic Forecast and TAZ Allocation

CZM Program Technical Assistance Final Report

Authorizing Resolutions and Certifications for FY2013 SHSGP Grant

Chairman Wright reminded members that the December meeting was cancelled and called Commissioner’s attention to the future schedule of topics to be discussed, including the February Retreat.  Executive Director, Dwight Farmer, urged Commissioners to relay any issues they wish to consider during retreat discussions.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned.

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