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Hampton Roads COVID-19 Impact Planning Hub Updates

Hampton Roads COVID-19 Impact Planning Hub Updates

The HRPDC first published the Hampton Roads COVID-19 Impact Planning Hub in April 2020 just as the pandemic was beginning to spread across the country and the Commonwealth. The goal of the Hub is to provide a single location to publish data about the spread of COVID-19 cases and the impact of the pandemic on Hampton Roads.

The Hub features a COVID-19 data dashboard which visualizes the health data published by the Virginia Department of Health in an easy-to-digest manner that is tailored just for the Hampton Roads region. As VDH has fine-tuned their data publishing process over the last several months, the Hub has also been updated to maintain access to the data. There are dozens of charts, graphs, and statistics available to view in a mobile-friendly format.

Since the Hub was first launched, HRPDC staff has added two informational pages about the impact on the regional economy and transportation. There are links to various reports and white papers describing impacts and trends as well as charts depicting unemployment, weekly tunnel traffic counts, and vehicle-miles traveled since the beginning of the pandemic.

This week, HRPDC staff is releasing an update to the Hub site by adding additional data dashboards and content. Visitors can now find dashboards that summarize COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths for Hampton Roads, the individual localities, and ZIP codes as well as demographic data and PCR testing data by local health district.

A Back-to-School dashboard was also created to monitor health metrics for in-person school decisions. Virginia Beach and Chesapeake City Public Schools have defined thresholds for daily new cases and test percent positivity which are being used to decide when to allow children back in the classroom. The dashboard simplifies viewing this information.

The pandemic is still underway and there will be more data and analysis in the months to come. Check back often on the COVID-19 Hub to monitor health data and trends as well as view newly posted information and resources.

Images from the new Hampton Roads COVID-19 Impact Planning Hub Dashboard

A screen capture from the Hampton Roads COVID-19 Impact Planning Hub.