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Seeking Regional Vision at the next HRPDC Breakfast Club

Seeking Regional Vision at the next HRPDC Breakfast Club

October 2014 Breakfast Club Flyer ImageThe next HRPDC Breakfast Club will be held at 8:30am, October 16, 2014, before the HRPDC Annual Meeting. Last month, over 30 people started their Regional Thursday with the HRPDC Breakfast Club to learn about the Dutch Dialogues. At this month’s Breakfast Club, HRPDC staff will be conducting a Visioning session as part of the Envision Hampton Roads project.

In developing Envision Hampton Roads, the HRPDC is following a 6 step Community Based Planning approach.  The HRPDC recently completed the first step in the Envision Hampton Roads process which established the region’s Values and Aspirations. The second step is to establish a shared Regional Vision. Ultimately, the goal is to establish a set of guiding regional vision principles and a regional vision statement.  This will be accomplished through a series of Visioning Sessions that will take place throughout the region.

Come prepared to discuss topics such as:

  • Imagine Hampton Roads as "the best it can be" for 2035. 

  • What does this region look like in 20-30 years?

  • What would your community be like if you had the power to make it any way you wanted?

  • How and where do people live?

  • What do they do for work?

  • Discuss ideas; determine common themes; agree on key ideas/themes you feel are most important for the region.

  • Draft 3-5 regional achievements that you would like to see realized 30 years from now.

CLICK HERE or the flyer on the right for more information about this month’s HRPDC Breakfast Club.