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Theres a lot of water around here!

Theres a lot of water around here!

Stormy weatherLiving in Hampton Roads allows us to work and play in, on, under and around the water all year long.

With our ocean, bays and beaches, rivers, canals, lakes and waterways of all kinds— not to mention, rainfall of more than 45” a year—water is an important part of our lifestyle here in Hampton Roads.

That means things can be beautifully green. They can also be a bit soggy. But knowing how to protect yourself and your property will help you make the most of our climate.

Ways to Protect Yourself

  • Do not walk or drive through floodwaters. There’s no way to tell how deep the water is or how fast it’s moving.
  • Give water a clear way to leave your property. This may require patience!
  • Be ready. Make plans to ensure your family’s safety, just as if you were preparing for a hurricane.

Ways to Protect Your Personal Property

  • Make a complete inventory of your personal property so you have proof of ownership. Do this now, before there’s an issue.
  • Photographs, videos and inventory forms from your insurance company are very helpful.

It’s high time we talk about high tide.

With so much shoreline, it’s important to recognize the impact tides can have on us. Certainly, abnormal tides and storm surges can cause flooding, but flooding can still occur if the moon and the tide align with a storm passing offshore. It is always a good idea to watch the tidal reports, low and high. You can be the difference between water moving and water standing on your property. If a storm is predicted, stay tuned and stay informed so you can prepare. Local TV stations, radio stations and Internet sites will carry all the latest news to keep you up to date.