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Imagine a Day Without Water 2023

Imagine a Day Without Water 2023

IDWW Coaster ImageWhat’s the first thing you do each morning when you wake up? Whether it’s making coffee, feeding your pets, or using the bathroom, it wouldn’t be possible without water. Each October, askHRgreen.org participates in Imagine a Day Without Water, a national awareness initiative coordinated by the Value of Water Campaign. Imagine a Day Without Water reminds us just how much we depend on this valuable resource each day. Water hydrates our bodies, lets us cook and clean, provides sanitation of schools and hospitals, and powers much of the economy, especially here in Hampton Roads.

askHRgreen.org is excited to partner again this year with local breweries to raise awareness about the value of water. Through this partnership, askHRgreen.org will distribute water-themed giveaways at participating breweries beginning October 19 and continuing while supplies last. Last year, 17 locations participated in Imagine a Day Without Water and shared the value of water message with their customers. New this year, each partnering brewery will receive a FREE cooler bag tote to gift to one lucky customer. Giveaway details will be determined by each location so be sure you’re following your favorite brewery on social media or visiting a participating location on October 19 to find out how to win.

This campaign is not only an important way to raise awareness about what life would be like without water. It’s also a great way to support small shops and local businesses here in Hampton Roads!

Registration is still open! Breweries can sign up at https://askhrgreen.org/withoutwater/

Visit one of our partner breweries on October 19th! Check back often as new locations are added.