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WHRO Public Media and askHRgreen.org team up for a “foam-free” world

WHRO Public Media and askHRgreen.org team up for a “foam-free” world

Collage graphic image of a foam cup in front of a convenience storeWHRO Public Media and askHRgreen.org have teamed up to produce the latest video in the station’s popular GreenBeatsSM  animated shorts series for youth, and audiences may find themselves singing along to the catchy “foam-free” earworm.

The GreenBeats series focuses on critical environmental issues, such as protecting nature, recycling and waste reduction. The new video, developed in support of askHRgreen’s region-wide public awareness and education campaign, examines the harmful impacts of polystyrene—specifically StyrofoamTM found in disposable cups, plates, take-out containers and other products, which are not recyclable and take years to break down when left as litter.

Using stop-gap animation effects and an infectious punk rock-style tune, the video takes viewers through a typical day of a young person, stopping at the corner store for a drink, “That’s served in a big old white cup that’s made of foam.”

“Uh-oh,” she sings. “I’d rather be foam free.”

WHRO collaborated with the askHRgreen.org Recycling & Beautification Committee on the video’s theme and story line. They used a collage effect to create the characters and backdrops, then manually moved the objects an inch or so at a time in front of the camera to create the motion.

“We love that the WHRO team just took the ball and ran with it, and the song is so fun and memorable,” said Katie Cullipher, who co-leads the askHRgreen.org initiative with Rebekah Eastep. “Having a ‘foam-free’ world is ideal, and we hope young audiences will understand that keeping Styrofoam products out of the waste stream and the environment is the way to go.”

The video was produced with grant funds from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, which covered the production costs. “Foam Free” premieres on Friday, October 6 at 11:00 a.m. After launch, it will be added to the GreenBeats catalogue and can be viewed on demand at whro.org/greenbeats. For more information, visit: www.askHRgreen.org.

Watch it here: GreenBeats Foam Free 

Graphic Image combining GreenBeats and AskHRgreen Logos