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Housing 2020: What is Shaping the Future of Housing in Virginia?

Housing 2020: What is Shaping the Future of Housing in Virginia?

The Hampton Roads Planning District Commission is sponsoring a seminar on the future of Housing in Virginia and Hampton Roads. The event, Housing2020: What is Shaping the Future of Housing in Virginia, is scheduled for October 30, 2013, in the Regional Board Room, from 9:30am-Noon.

Over the past five years, Virginia’s housing markets experienced the worst declines in decades. New home construction and sales of existing homes plunged. Homes prices dropped. Over 100,000 Virginia homeowners lost their homes through foreclosure, and billions of dollars in home equity vanished.

There are major shifts underway that will re-shape housing during this decade. The seminar is an interactive look at the findings of Housing Virginia’s Housing 2020 research from a statewide and regional perspective. Housing 2020 looked at housing trends across the state through four lenses:

  • Demographics
  • Economics
  • Finance, and
  • Green/Sustainable building.

The October 30th seminar will focus on findings from the Demographics and Economic lenses.

“While addressing immediate housing trends and conditions, it is still imperative that the region begins to strategically look at how we can better prepare for the future housing needs of Hampton Roads,” said Shernita Bethea, HRPDC Housing and Human Services Administrator. “For us to be competitive against other regions, more planning for safe, affordable and appropriate housing must take place now.“

All interested parties are invited to attend, however space is limited. Registration is required. To attend visit: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=f87jftcab&oeidk=a07e8acki0vb5f513fb

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