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How Can More People Use Less Water?

How Can More People Use Less Water?

Water use has been dropping in Hampton Roads for the past decade, with the steepest drop within the last four years.  Since 2002, the average person in our region went from using 79.7 gallons of water per day to only 67.7 gallons per day.  That’s a 15% decrease.  The national average is now about 70 gallons per person per day.  Interestingly, our population has grown during the same timeframe.

 Comparison of Hampton Roads Population and Water Consumption

How can more people be using less water?  Remember those ultra low flow toilets we used to hate?  Or the older model low flow showerheads that never quite got all the shampoo out?  Well all of these items, and more, have improved dramatically since they were first brought to market.  WaterSense appliances, like washing machines and dishwashers, have had a major impact on our daily household water use.  Federal law has caused many of these changes and conservation helped too.  All of these factors contribute to decreased demand.

Factors Demand Decay