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Envision Hampton Roads: First Steps Toward a Regional Strategic Plan Underway

Envision Hampton Roads: First Steps Toward a Regional Strategic Plan Underway

The Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC) authorized the creation of a process to develop Hampton Roads’ first Regional Strategic Plan entitled, Envision Hampton Roads.  In developing Envision Hampton Roads, the HRPDC will follow a six-step Community Based Planning approach with the first step: establishing Community Values followed by Vision, Strategy, Plan, Fund, and Build.  

Community Values are the basis for a set of common regional goals, the building blocks for Envision Hampton Roads.  Establishing Hampton Roads’ values provides an opportunity to reflect on the past and determine how our present and future can best support sustainable and cooperative growth in our region. This task involves an in-depth analysis of what residents value about living in the Hampton Roads area.  It is important because the values help elected officials and planners understand how growth, transportation and environmental issues can be solved in response to residents’ most fundamental values about quality of life.  The analysis also helps local leaders communicate the benefits of growth planning more effectively with residents. 

Using a survey of Hampton Roads residents, the HRPDC and stakeholders look to establish this region’s values. Special care will be taken to ensure that the survey has equal demographic representation.  The stakeholders are a diverse group of Hampton Roads residents, as well as, Federal, State, Regional, Local, & Community-based agencies and Organizations who are assisting the HRPDC to ensure that the survey and Envision Hampton Roads are a success. 

The first stakeholders’ meeting was September 30, 2013, in the Regional Board Room.  During this meeting potential stakeholders received an overview of State Code requirements regarding Strategic Plans and planning district commissions, background information, and the Envision Hampton Roads process.  The meeting ended with a roundtable discussion of regional issues and concerns. Before leaving, stakeholders completed a questionnaire that confirmed their level of commitment to Envision Hampton Roads. 

For more information regarding this initiative, please feel free to contact Jai McBride at jmcbride@hrpdcva.gov.  Additionally, if you are interested in becoming a stakeholder please click the link below and complete the questionnaire: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LNPWBL2 .