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Write as Rain

Write as Rain

Another example of a Hidden Message, nighttime photo - "I won't stand for Litter"Rainy days just got a little brighter, Hampton Roads. Last month, our askHRgreen.org team members diligently hid environmentally-themed messages at schools, libraries, recreation centers, and other public spaces across the region. On rainy days, these messages will magically appear, sharing important environmental pledges that youth and grownups alike can take to improve our local environment. And this year, we’re serving up prizes for our rainy day message hunt!

Follow askHRgreen.org on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and share a picture of yourself with one of our hidden messages using the #askHRgreen hashtag between now and October 26 to be entered into a drawing for fun prizes like movie tickets, gift certificates to restaurants, and passes to local attractions like Dave and Busters and the Virginia Zoo. Winners will be selected at random and prizes will be awarded weekly until the end of October. (Note: your share must be set to public or we won’t see it!)Example of a Hidden Message - "Purge the Plastic - I Choose Tap Water"

View an interactive map featuring all of our hidden message locations at www.askhrgreen.org/write-as-rain-2018.

Can’t find a message? That’s OK. It doesn’t have to be a rainy day for you to participate in the fun. Anyone can post a photo or video telling us what you’re pledging to do to help protect the environment with #askHRgreen to be entered to win.