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September is National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month

are you Ready?Authored by Natalie Easterday, Regional Emergency Management Planner and Mary Donny, Regional Special Needs Planner

September is National Preparedness Month and the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, along with ReadyHamptonRoads.org, wants you to get prepared. As our region has seen recently, emergencies can happen unexpectedly. We’ve had a tornado, flash floods, earthquake, and hurricane within the past year. This September, please prepare and plan in the event you must go for three days without electricity, water service, access to a supermarket, or local services. The following steps are available to help you get started, but for more information visit ReadyHamptonRoads.org.

1. Be Informed: During a disaster, it’s critical that you listen for information from emergency officials, so make sure a battery-powered radio is in your emergency kit. Also consider signing up for your local emergency alert program.

2. Make a Plan: Discuss, agree on, and document an emergency plan with those in your care. Work together with neighbors, colleagues and others to build community resilience. If you or a loved one has special medical or functional needs, visit ReadyHamptonRoads.org and click on HR Special Needs Registry for information.

3. Make a Kit: Having an emergency supply kit is essential to making it through a disaster safely. At a minimum your kit should include non-perishable food, water, battery-powered radio, and a written emergency plan with phone contact information.

4. Get Involved: There are many ways to get involved especially before a disaster occurs including, Community Emergency Response Teams, Medical Reserve Corps, Fire Corps, Neighborhood Watch, and Volunteers in Police Service. Visit ReadyHamptonRoads.org and click on Volunteer for more information.