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Stay Informed; Stay Safe

Stay Informed; Stay Safe

By Robert Lawrence,

Sr. Regional Emergency Management Planner

After making your emergency kit and plan, staying properly informed gives you the knowledge you need to make that hard decision of sheltering-in-place vs. evacuating, and if so, where and when.  Identifying flood risks should be part of your planning.  If your residence is right on the border or in the path of forecasted storm surge, along with local forecasters, reliable sources of information include websites such as your local NOAA centerOpens in new window to give you actual real-time riverine and tidal flood conditions, forecasts and comparisons to past flood events to help one make the most informed decision  possible.  In addition, do not hesitate to take advantage of value-added commercial sites such as stormpulse.comOpens in new window for even more  granular data to further know the possible storm track models and their differing forecast model impacts, especially if you are one of us who plan for the worst, but hope for the best.