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HRMMRS Goes Green

HRMMRS Goes Green

While the color red is most often associated with emergency management services, the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Medical Response System (HRMMRS) (which receives funding through the HRPDC) might consider adopting the color green. 

As part of its mission to ensure that the region can rapidly respond to the region’s medical needs in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, the HRMMRS purchased Disaster Medical Support Units for eight localities in Hampton Roads. Because many of the supplies on these trailers are subject to expiration dates, there is a potential that such supplies could go to waste and never be used. However, according to an article in the Sept/Oct 2010 “Response” newsletter, published by the Tidewater EMS Council and Medical Transport, L.L.C., HRMMRS’ expiring medical supplies do not go to waste.

When expiring supplies are replaced in all eight trailers, the expired supplies removed are repurposed for regional training purposes. Medical supplies with expiration dates are used to support training at the Kent Weber Emergency Response Training and Simulation Center. The Center allows for hands-on training using medical supplies on a simulation manikin just like you would on a live patient. These expired supplies are also used to support regional disaster training. Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI) produce a large number of victims requiring a lot of medical supplies. Since these incidents don't frequently occur, hands-on training is conducted to ensure public safety personnel are prepared to respond. To enhance the effectiveness of the training, these expired medical supplies are used just as they would be on live patients.