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HRPDC Action Summary: Executive Committee Meeting, September 18, 2014

HRPDC Action Summary: Executive Committee Meeting, September 18, 2014

The Commission took the following actions at its Executive Committee Meeting on September 18, 2014:

Workshop Items

Benchmarking Study:  Chief Economist, Greg Grootendorst presented results of the ninth annual Regional Benchmarking Study, as mandated by the Regional Cooperation Act.  The publication includes individual locality profiles as well as regional benchmarks covering the economy, demographics, housing, transportation and various quality of life indicators.  Complete data tables can be viewed on our website at:

askHRgreen.org Campaign Results:  Margaret Cahoon, of Cahoon & Cross, provided an overview of the regional environmental campaigns promoted via askHRgreen.org  The new strategies surrounding the comprehensive website and social marketing efforts have greatly increased the momentum of the campaign, producing over 19 million message impressions across the region and leveraging dollars at a 1:1.6 ratio.  The presentation and askHRgreen.org  annual report can be viewed on our website.
The Healing Place:  Ruth Hill, Executive Director of the Healing Place, provided an informative presentation about progress on new non-medical recovery facilities for homeless individuals with drug and alcohol addictions.  The facilities will offer overnight emergency shelter, non-medical sobering center and a recovery program with a four-phase approach to manage the transition from homelessness and addiction to recovery and self-sufficiency.  The project is expected to be completed in two stages over a five-year period at a total capital cost of $17 million for both a men’s and a women’s facility, not including land acquisition.  

Annual Report to the Virginia Dept. of Housing and Community Development:  Interim Executive Director, Randy Keaton provided a brief overview of the report required by the Regional Cooperation Act which highlights efforts and initiatives of the HRPDC.

Regular Agenda

Public Comments:

In the interest of time, Mr. Mark Gedulig-Yatrofsky deferred his comments.

The following items were approved under the Consent Agenda:

  • Minutes of July 17, 2014 Executive Committee Meeting

  • Treasurer’s Report of June 2014

  • Annual Report to the Department of Housing and Community Development

  • askHRgreen.org Annual Report

  • RCPGP Grant Authorization

  • Regional Cooperation in Stormwater Management Report

  • Annual Hampton Roads Regional Benchmarking Study

Chairman Wright appointed the following to the HRPDC Legislative Committee:

  • Mayor Kenneth Wright

  • Mayor Clyde Haulman

  • Dr. Ella Ward

  • Mr. Robert Dyer

  • Ms. Sherri Neil

  • Mr. Bryan Pennington

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned.