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HRPDC to Host Regional Housing Policy Forum

HRPDC to Host Regional Housing Policy Forum

The HRPDC will host one of the Virginia Housing Coalition’s (VHC) Regional Housing Policy Forums on Wednesday, September 30th, from 10am-Noon, in the Regional Board Room.

This forum will be the second in a series of four sessions the VHC is holding across the State in partnership with the Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness. The sessions will include:

  • an update on upcoming Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) workshops,
  • the Multifamily Energy Efficiency Coalition, and
  • the anticipated merger of the Virginia Housing Coalition and the Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness. 

Presenters will also review the Coalition's 2015 legislative agenda and housing-related legislation in the last General Assembly session. Attendees will be asked to share their most pressing housing-related issues that are affecting your work in your community. This input will be used to set VHC's policy priorities and will help shape VHC's legislative agenda for the 2016 session of the General Assembly. 

Registration is not required for this event.

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