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HRPDC Executive Committee Actions from September 2010 Meeting

HRPDC Executive Committee Actions from September  2010 Meeting

The Commission took the following actions at the Executive Committee Meeting on September 15, 2010:

Public Comment:  Ellis James provided brief comments on the continuing oil spill issue in the Gulf and reflected on comments made at a meeting on September 14th in VB, which featured a couple of speakers from the Gulf.

Minutes:  Approved as part of the consent agenda.

Regional Reviews:
  Approved as part of the consent agenda.

Other items approved under the Consent Agenda:

Environmental Program Contracts:
  Contracts with the Cabell Brand Center for Global Poverty and Resource Sustainability Studies for a climate change education project and with the Corps of Engineers for chairing and supporting the Elizabeth River Restoration Project Steering Committee.

Emergency Management UASI Program Contract:
  Authorization to join the National Joint Powers Alliance at no cost.  This Alliance supports cooperative procurement and will facilitate the UASI project to support the pet sheltering project.

Port Security Grant Program (PSGP) FY 2009 Application:
  Authorization to apply for and accept a grant to support the HRTacRan communications system.

Northwest River Watershed Plan:
City of Chesapeake: A Plan for the Northwest River Watershed was accepted.
Hampton Roads Historic Resources Project Report:
  The Regional Historic Resources Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Database for Hampton Roads report was accepted.
Home Star Energy Retrofit Act of 2010:
  A letter to the Congressional Delegation requesting their support for the passage of the Home Star Retrofit Act of 2010 was approved.
Sea Level Rise Proposal - Chesapeake Research Consortium:
  A letter of support for a project proposed by the Chesapeake Research Consortium ( VIMS, NOBLIS, USGS and others) was approved.
National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP) Goal 1 Evaluation:  The HRPDC authorized distribution of the 'For Official Use Only' After Action Report to the local emergency managers.

Sea Level Rise Proposal - ODU:
  The HRPDC authorized a contract with Dr. James Koch and the ODU Regional Studies Institute for an assessment of the economic and financial implications of sea level rise.

Joint Forces Command Analysis and Resolution:
  The Commission was briefed on the pending closure of the Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) and its impacts on the region.  During a press conference following the HRPDC meeting, the Mayors and Chairs signed a resolution supporting maintaining JFCOM activities.

Chesapeake Bay TMDL Watershed Improvement Plan:
  The Commission was briefed on the TMDL, WIP and regional concerns with the latter.  A Subcommittee of Commissioners - Goodson, Clark, Shepperd, Newport News and Chesapeake - was appointed to work with staff on developing a comment package for consideration at the October Commission Meeting.

PSR, FYI and Correspondence of Interest:
No action.

New Business:  None.

Press Conference:
  Followed HRPDC meeting for execution of the JFCOM resolution by the Mayors and Chairs.