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Water Resources Reports

Regionalization of Sewer System Assets Study Completed
Hampton Roads Water Quality Response Plan 2013 Update (PEP13 07)
Hampton Roads Watershed Roundtable Final Report
Assessing Sources of Fecal Contamination in High Priority Creeks in the Hampton Roads Region
PEP 13-01
Special Report #20: Groundwater Withdrawals Increase as Public Reviews Proposed Regulations
Redevelopment As a Nutrient Reduction Strategy   Final Report
Regional Stormwater Cooperation Summary FY2012
Reducing Nutrients on Private Property: Evaluation of Programs, Practices, and Incentives
PEP 12 01 Chesapeake Bay Phase II Watershed Implementation Plan: Hampton Roads Regional Planning Framework, Scenario, and Strategies
PEP 11 6a Hampton Roads Regional Water Supply Plan   Local Program and Adoption Documents
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