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Water Resources Reports

Land and Water Quality Protection in Hampton Roads - Phase III
Hampton Roads Coastal Resources Technical Assistance Program, Fiscal Year 2013-2014
HRPDC Eastern Virginia Groundwater Withdrawal Permit Summary 2014
Chesapeake Bay Program Factsheet: Removal Rates for Urban Retrofits Projects
Chloride Concentrations in Hampton Roads Drinking Water Sources
Analysis of the 2013 Stormwater Local Assistance Fund Projects
Chesapeake Bay Program Fact Sheet Series: Urban Nutrient Management
Water and Wastewater Utilities, Designing the Rate Structure of the Future (PEP13 12), September 2013
Regional Cooperation in Stormwater Management Report for FY 2012 2013 (PEP13 11), September 2013
Hampton Roads Regional Stormwater Management Program Memorandum of Agreement (PEP13 10), June 2013
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