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Reduction in Water Usage Presents Financial Trouble for Water Utilities
Governor McDonnell Appoints HRPDC's Whitney Katchmark to State Advisory Board
HRPDC Partners with ODU, Virginia Sea Grant to Host Town Hall on Sea Level Rise
Join the Celebration at the Seventh Annual Hampton Roads Housing Consortium Awards Breakfast
HRPDC Executive Committee Meeting, September 19, 2013   Action Summary
Water and Wastewater Utilities, Designing the Rate Structure of the Future (PEP13 12), September 2013
Regional Cooperation in Stormwater Management Report for FY 2012 2013 (PEP13 11), September 2013
Hampton Roads Regional Stormwater Management Program Memorandum of Agreement (PEP13 10), June 2013
Local Officials, Debris Contractors Meet to Discuss Best Practices
Regional Employment Gains Continue to Outpace State and Nation
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