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Hampton Roads Journey-to-Work Maps
Hampton Roads Journey-to-Work Maps

Hampton Roads is a region that is connected through a shared culture, history, geography, and sense of place. Residents and visitors alike routinely traverse across the region to enjoy all that Hampton Roads has to offer. Much of our shared experience is rooted in our inter-dependence, as our communities have long worked together and have grown together. The U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) helps illustrate the degree to which our localities are inter-connected. The below journey-to-work maps have been prepared by staff of the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) and Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC) to illustrate the interconnectedness between our Region’s localities.  A map has been prepared for each of the Region’s jurisdictions, illustrating the journeys residents take each day to their place of work. 

Download a full packet of all 16 maps (PDF)

Journey-to-Work By Jurisdiction

Journey to Work Map Chesapeake Small

City of Chesapeake (PDF)

Journey to Work Map Franklin Small

City of Franklin (PDF)

Journey to Work Map Gloucester

Gloucester County (PDF)

Journey to Work Map Hampton

City of Hampton (PDF)

Journey to Work Map IOW Small

Isle of Wight County (PDF)

Journey to Work Map JCC Small

James City County (PDF)

Journey to Work Map NN Small

City of Newport News (PDF)

Journey to Work Map Norf Small

City of Norfolk (PDF)

Journey to Work Map Poqu Small

City of Poquoson (PDF)

Journey to Work Map Ports Small

City of Portsmouth (PDF)

Journey to Work Map SH Small

Southampton County (PDF)

Journey to Work Map Suff Small

City of Suffolk (PDF)

Journey to Work Map Surry Small

Surry County (PDF)

Journey to Work Map VB Small

City of Virginia Beach (PDF)

Journey to Work Map Wmbrg Small

City of Williamsburg (PDF)

Journey to Work Map York Small

York County (PDF)


Click for a map showing a combined regional snapshot of Commuting Patterns (PDF)


2009-2013 Hampton Roads Commuting Patterns Table
(click image for larger PDF)

2009-2013 HR Commuting Patterns Table


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