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Officers and Members

Officers and Members


Michael Hipple

Michael Hipple, Chair

Member, Board of Supervisors, James City County

Andria McClellan, Member, City Council, NorfolkAndria McClellan, Vice-Chair

Member, City Council, Norfolk

Photo of Randy Keaton, HRPDC Treasurer

Randy Keaton, Treasurer

County Administrator, Isle of Wight County

Robert Crum, HRPDC Exec. Director/SecretaryRobert Crum

Executive Director / Secretary





  • James E. Baker, City Manager

  • Stephen Best, City Council Member

  • Robert Geis, Deputy City Manager

  • S.Z. "Debbie" Ritter, City Council Member

  • Ella P. Ward, City Council Member


  • Lydia Pettis Patton, City Manager

  • John Rowe, Mayor


  • VACANT, City Manager

  • Barry Cheatham, Council Member


  • Brian Thrower, Town Manager

  • T. Carter Williams, Mayor

Gloucester County

  • Phillip Bazzani, Member, Board of Supervisors

  • Brent J. Fedors, County Administrator

Southampton County

  • Michael W. Johnson, County Administrator

  • Barry T. Porter, Member, Board of Supervisors


  • Mary Bunting, City Manager

  • James Gray, City Council Member

  • Donnie Tuck, Mayor


  • Leroy Bennett, Vice-Mayor

  • Patrick Roberts, City Manager

Isle of Wight County

  • William M. McCarty, Member, Board of Supervisors

  • HRPDC Treasurer, Randy Keaton, County Administrator

Surry County

  • John M. Seward, Vice-Chair, Board of Supervisors

  • Sanford Wanner, Interim County Administrator

James City County

  • HRPDC Chair, Michael Hipple, Chair, Board of Supervisors

  • Scott Stevens, County Administrator

Virginia Beach

  • Benjamin Davenport, City Council Member

  • Robert M. Dyer, City Council Member 

  • Dave Hansen, City Manager

  • Barbara M. Henley, City Council Member

  • Louis R. Jones, Mayor

  • John E. Uhrin, City Council Member

  • Rosemary Wilson, City Council Member

Newport News

  • David Jenkins, City Council Member

  • McKinley L. Price, Mayor

  • Cynthia Rohlf, City Manager


  • Paul Freiling, Mayor

  • Andrew Trivette, City Manager


  • Kenneth Alexander, Mayor

  • Courtney Doyle, City Council Member

  • Mamie Johnson, City Council Member

  • HRPDC Vice-Chair, Andria McClellan, City Council Member

  • Doug Smith, City Manager

York County

  • Neil Morgan, County Administrator

  • Thomas G. Shepperd, Jr., Vice-Chair, Board of Supervisors


  • David A. Hux, City Council Member

  • J. Randall Wheeler, City Manager



List Updated October 25, 2018.