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Hampton Roads Planning District CommissionHRPDCVA
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Officers and Members

Officers and Members



Michael Hipple

Michael Hipple, Chair

Vice-Chair, Board of Supervisors, James City County

Andria McClellan, Member, City Council, NorfolkAndria McClellan, Vice-Chair

Member, City Council, Norfolk

Photo of Randy Keaton, HRPDC Treasurer

Randy Keaton, Treasurer

County Administrator, Isle of Wight County

Robert Crum, HRPDC Exec. Director/SecretaryRobert Crum

Executive Director / Secretary





Stephen Best, City Council Member

Robert Geis, Deputy City Manager

S.Z. "Debbie" Ritter, City Council Member

Ella P. Ward, City Council Member

Christopher M. Price, City Manager


John Rowe, Mayor

LaVoris Pace, Interim City Manager


Frank Rabil, Mayor

Amanda Jarratt, City Manager


T. Carter Williams, Mayor

Michael Stallings, Town Manager

Gloucester County

Phillip Bazzani, Chair, Board of Supervisors

J. Brent Fedors, County Administrator

Southampton County

William Hart Gillette, Member, Board of Supervisors

Michael W. Johnson, County Administrator


Steve Brown, City Council Member

Donnie Tuck, Mayor

Mary Bunting, City Manager


Leroy Bennett, Vice-Mayor

Patrick Roberts, City Manager

Isle of Wight County

William M. McCarty, Member, Board of Supervisors

HRPDC Treasurer, Randy Keaton, County Administrator

Surry County

Robert L. Elliott, Jr., Chair, Board of Supervisors

Melissa D. Rollins, County Administrator

James City County

HRPDC Chair, Michael Hipple, Vice-Chair, Board of Supervisors

Scott Stevens, County Administrator

Virginia Beach

Robert M. Dyer, Mayor 

Barbara M. Henley, City Council Member

Louis R. Jones, City Council Member

Guy K. Tower, City Council Member

Rosemary Wilson, City Council Member

Sabrina Wooten, City Council Member

Patrick Duhaney, City Manager

Newport News

David Jenkins, City Council Member

McKinley L. Price, Mayor

Cynthia Rohlf, City Manager



Andrew Trivette, City Manager


Kenneth Alexander, Mayor

Courtney Doyle, City Council Member

Mamie Johnson, City Council Member

HRPDC Vice-Chair, Andria McClellan, City Council Member

Larry Filer, City Manager


York County

Sheila Noll, Member, Board of Supervisors

Neil Morgan, County Administrator


W. Eugene Hunt, Jr., Mayor

J. Randall Wheeler, City Manager


 List Updated September 17, 2020.

Commission Member Handbook (updated 09/14/2020)